New loom promises make-at-home textiles

November 8, 2017

“Doti” desktop loom may add scale to cottage industry weaving. The Dot-Matrix Fabric Printer, nicknamed “Doti,” is an open-source, desktop jacquard loom designed for textile production at home. Pamela Liou is developing Doti as a project resident at Eyebeam, a nonprofit studio for collaborative experiments with technology located in Brooklyn,

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Smart phone app helps design a custom dress

February 10, 2017

A dress designed in collaboration with Google and ivyrevel will soon be the newest offering on the smart clothing market. Photo: Ivyrevel. The H&M-backed Swedish fashion house Ivyrevel has teamed up with Google and MediaMonks to create a personalized garment based on data gathered by a smartphone app. Ivyrevel calls

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Customizable wearable technology introduced

November 18, 2016

Photos: Xenoma Inc. Xenoma Inc. wants to make wearable technology more available to the general consumer. The company’s “e-skin” is a platform-based solution for wearable electronics apparel where the number, type and location of sensors can be fully customizable. A spin-off company from the University of Tokyo, the company is

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